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Give yourself an advantage as a global-ready graduate by gaining a broader understanding of the world and yourself. Through the national and international study away programs, hundreds of universities and site options are available to all eligible students for a semester or full year. You may choose to

  • continue working on major requirements within your degree,

  • fulfill classes for a minor,

  • work on language skills, or  

  • dive into a new area of study while traveling the world.

All course work comes back to your UAS transcript and is calculated within your GPA. Cost varies from program to program yet the exchange option – national and international, allows you to pay UAS for your tuition and fees. Financial aid is available and scholarships such as the Alaska Performance Scholarship can be utilized. Deadlines are usually a semester in advance so be sure to plan ahead.   

Students interested in studying away need to be willing to embrace the unknown, be flexible with change, and willing to try new things. Those who do are forever changed. Students return with more self-confidence and intellectual and social competencies, a grander appreciation of the world, and new skills and knowledge for professional success.

UAS students should begin the process a year to six months in advance.

Act now and click on UAS Outgoing Student Info for more details.

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