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TODAY: Wednesday, Mar. 04

6:00 PM - The Money View: Does More Money Equal Inflation?
Presented by Ann Spehar, UAS Ketchikan Assistant Professor of Economics. This lecture series will provide participants with tools to help them understand the financial crisis currently raging in the international monetary system. Gain a better understanding of what money is, fiat currencies, shadow money, the current design of the debt-based monetary system, and how the Federal Reserve manages and controls the money supply.
Campus: Ketchikan Campus
Location: Paul Bldg
Cost:Free & Open to the Public

Thursday, Mar. 05

10:00 AM - Student Government Meeting
All students are welcome and encouraged to attend. Be involved - be heard! Meetings are held every other Thursday.
Campus: Ketchikan Campus
Location: Ziegler Bldg
Student Center

Monday, Mar. 09


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